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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Tender: Construction of Buildings of Women University Mardan on Ring Road Mardan

Tender Notice
Construction of Buildings of Women University Mardan on Ring Road Mardan

Technical and financial Bids from Contractors (registered with C&W Department KPK under Category PK-1, PK-2 or PK-3 or PK-4 who have renewed their license with Pakistan Engineering Council under the relevant Category are invited through on line e-bidding system for execution of the work “Construction of Buildings of Women University Mardan on Ring Road Mardan”. 
Besides having valid registration with C&W KPK and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority and proved sound financial base, should be tax payer and enlisted in Active Tax Payer’s list. Financial bids of only those bidders will be considered who in addition to above fulfills the conditions given in LOI/ Bidding Document.
All the participating contractors have to send call deposit or Bank Draft of Rs.5000/- tender fee per each package in the name of Vice Chancellor Women University Mardan on or before 23.01.2019 along with technical proposals. The tender fee (Call deposit) and bid security (Bank Draft) are to be attached with the Technical proposals. All the bids are to be sent through Courier Service before 12.00 Noon 23.01.2019. By hand bids will not be accepted.
Technical Proposals will be signed by the Owner of the construction company and owner of the company will submit an affidavit (specimen attached) on stamp paper of Rs.50 certifying that the technical proposals have been signed by him and he has submitted financial bid through e-bidding.
Technical Proposals and Financial Bids for each package separately be submitted through e-bidding for Package-I and Package-II separately. Financial Bids through e-bidding will be uploaded on or before 23.01.2019 at 12.00 Noon. The system will be closed after 23.01.2019 at 12.00 Noon and no bid will be accepted after 23.01.2019 at 12.00 Noon,
Only the eligible contractors/firms/companies are required to submit sealed envelope containing technical proposal of the contractor, shall be accompanied with Earnest money/bid security of bid cost including stamp duty in favor of the Vice chancellor Women University Mardan, in shape of Bank Draft (in Original) from any scheduled bank of Pakistan and tender fee of Rs. 5000 for each package.
The Technical Bid of the contractors/firms/companies will be evaluated in accordance with the evaluation criteria as per KPPRA’s rules.
The person whose name exists in form-H/Partnership deed will only be entitled to sign the tender and all other contract documents, in case, where it is established that any contractor found guilty, the competent authority may take appropriate action against the firm/contractor, which will lead to disqualification/black listing of the firm and the bid will be stand cancelled.
Bidder attention is invited to the requirement of furnishing complete information in respect of their technical qualification on the forms included in the bidding documents for the purpose.
All prevailing taxes etc shall be deducted from the bill of the contractors/firms/companies at prescribed rates notified from the Government from time to time.

The sealed technical bids will be received through registered mail/ courier services only. No by hand bid will be accepted Bids received after due date and time shall not be entertained.
Incomplete/disfigured/over-writing by hand and delayed bids will be considered non-responsive.

Tender forms/bidding documents are available on the websites of KPRRA and Women University Mardan.

Terms & Conditions for the competing Firms:
Besides the conditions given in the tender document, the Firms/ Contractors must satisfy the following conditions and posses following qualification/ experience in the field of construction of buildings/ infrastructure;
a. Legal status of the firm along with proof of valid registration under one of the Federal or Provincial Registration Acts;
b. Affidavit by the Contractor. (Specimen attached in the end)
c. Being a taxpayer; its name is in the Active tax payers list.
d. Have worked on mega projects of Universities/ educational institutions/ other works of similar nature.
e. General experience of the Contractor/Company
f. Relevant experience of the Contractor/Company
g. Possess, Plants, Machinery & Equipment's to be made available by the firm for the construction work.
h. Have well qualified Technical and administrative personnel. Technical staff (i.e. Engineer and DAEs) regarding their confirmation of employment with the applicant Firms /Contractor.
i. Should be financially sound (Please attached Bank statement of the last 5 years).
j. A firm black listed by any Government Department will not be considered for bidding
Note; The participating firm is neither associated, nor has been associated, directly or indirectly, with the Consultants or any other entity that has prepared the design, specifications and other documents for the Project or being proposed for any position in the Project Management.
ii. A bidder having a conflict of interest will be declared as non-responsive if the bidder has a close business relationship with the Procuring Entity’s professional personnel, who directly or indirectly involved in any part of: (i) the preparation of the bidding documents for the Works, (ii) the Bid evaluation or (iii) the supervision of such Works.
Any conditional, incomplete, or late application will not be accepted.
The NIT is also available on website: www.wumardan.edu.pk and www.kppra.gov.pk
Procurement Entity
Women University Mardan

1. The Women University Mardan (herein after called Procuring Entity) invites sealed bids from the Contractors currently registered with C&W Department as PK-4 PK-3, PK-2 and PK-1 Contractors and currently licensed by the Pakistan Engineering Council, registered under the relevant category and enrolled with Communication & Works Department Government Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in category-PK-1, PK-2 and PK-3, PK-4 Contractors for the Works and have renewed their registration with C&W KPK . Registered with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority. The Contractors should fulfill the following;
The Contractors should be registered under one of the Federal or Provincial Registration Acts as per Legal requirements of the construction firms.
Proof of being taxpayer i.e the name of the participating contractor exists in the Active Tax Payers List (ATL).
2. The Bidding Documents complete in all respect of all the two packages has been uploaded on the website of the Women University Mardan (www.wumardan.edu.pk).
i. Tender Notice and LOI
ii. Bidding Documents*
iii. Technical Specifications.
iv. Bill of Quantities of Package-1 and Package-II
*The bidding document contains, LOI, Instructions to Bidders, Bidding Data, General Conditions of Contract Part-I, Particulars Conditions of Contract Part-II, Form of Bid and Appendices to Bid, Form of Bid Security, Form of Contract Agreement and Drawings and designs and Payment Schedule.
3. Queries if any can be made on the following email address or phone srs23455@gmail.com
Contact# 03439666474
4. Technical and Financial Bids be uploaded for each package separately through e-bidding system for Package-I and Package-II. Evaluation of technical proposals will be carried out on the basis of criteria given in the KPPRA bidding document. Bids through e-bidding system should be submitted on or before 23.01.2019 at 12.00 noon. After 12.00 noon on 23.01.2019 the system will be locked. For ID and password the bidders have to contact the following personnel who will issue them ID and password:-
Sher Azam webmaster@wumardan.edu.pk
Contact# 03439666474
Mr Pir Shakeel network_administrator@wumardan.edu.pk Contact# 03335992642
5. The following documents (Hard Copies) should also be sent to the Director P&D, Women University East Canal Road Mardan through courier service before 23.01.2019 12.00 Noon:-
i. Technical Proposals in Separate envelop.
ii. Bank Draft of 2% Bid Security and Call Deposit of Rs. 5000 as Tender Fee
Note: Technical proposals will be opened in a meeting to be held on 23.01.2019 at 1230 hours in the conference room of Women University Mardan. The representatives of the Contractors may like to attend the meeting on 23.01.2019.
6. All the bids should be accompanied by 2% Bid security in the shape of Bank Draft from a Scheduled Bank of Pakistan in the name of the Vice Chancellor Women University Mardan. In case a bidder quotes premium on MRS/ NSI 10% or more than 10% below the estimated cost, then 10% (2% +8%) bid security in the shape of Bank Draft from a Scheduled Bank of Pakistan should be attached with the technical bid.
Estimated cost of each package is as under;
i. Package-I Rs. 474.081 Million
ii. Package-II Rs. 488.039 Million
Note: On award of contract, Contractors’ bills are to be prepared on the basis of actual measurements of the quantities and not on the basis of estimated cost.
The bidders may apply for one or more than one package separately.
7. The Contractors are required to quote bids on the basis MRS and Non MRS Items of the package by indicating ----% below or at par or ------% above of the price of items/quantities given in the BOQ at their own risk. In case a bidder quotes two rates for a package, his lowest rate will be taken into account.
All appendices to Bid are to be properly completed and signed. Separate bids (premium) for each package will be quoted.
The Procurement Entity
Women University Mardan
Description and scope of the work/ services to be rendered is as under;
The Contractor will be required to work under the supervision of a Consultancy Firm and Directorate of Works of Women University Mardan.
i. The Construction work will be supervised by the Consultant and oversee by the Directorate of Works as top supervisor.
a. The Contractor will be responsible to execute the construction work in accordance with the approved Master Plan, Architectural Drawings, design, structure drawings of the buildings and specification given in the bidding document.
ii. The contractor will be responsible to execute the work according to approved specifications and the bill of quantities.
iii. The detailed drawings, Detailed/Architectural/Structural/ Electrical/ Water Supply/ Drainage/Sewerage Drawings in all aspects of the buildings
will be followed in letter and spirit while carrying out construction.
iv. Construction of the allied buildings, facilities and services according to approved specifications and drawings/ BOQs.
v. Ensuring construction according to approved plans, specifications and design/ drawings.
vi. The Contractor will ensure to arrange for best quality of material and labour in accordance with the approved specifications and BOQs.
vii. Presence of Engineering staff and other technical persons of the Contractor round the clock on the site to ensure quality of construction.
viii. Preparation of Contractor’s bills by the Contractor in accordance with the rules of business.
ix. Certification of expenditure incurred on the scheme.
The bidders are required to send their Technical bids highlighting
(a) Legal status along with proof of valid registration with PEC and enlistment with the Communication & Works Department Government of KPK as PK-1, PK-2, PK-3 or PK-4 Contractors.
(b) Proof of valid or renewed relevant registration with C&W, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority, FBR and Pakistan Engineering Council;
(c) Proof of being a taxpayer;
(d) Organizational profile, general and relevant experience, past experience, list of clients and references;
(e) demonstration of existing capabilities with respect to technical personnel, computing and engineering equipment, machinery and plant as may be the case;
(f) financial position for the last five years including bank statements and audited reports by an external auditor;
(g) proof of possessing appropriate managerial capability.
(3) Financial bid opening shall be limited to the companies firms shortlisted/ qualified under this process.
(4) Tender documents are available on e-bidding system. Please up load both technical and financial bids. Also send hard copies of Technical Proposals and Print of financial bid uploaded on the e-bidding system.
Criteria, sub-criteria, and point system for the evaluation of competence of the Contractors (Financial bids of those firms will be opened who gets 70% or more than 70% marks);
General Experience in other sectors.
Relevant experience of the Contractor in large construction work (more than Rs. 500 million) of colleges/ Universities
Work plan in responding to the Terms of Reference:
a) Work plan [10]
b) Organization and staffing [10]
Total points for criterion (ii): [20]
Key professional staff qualifications and competence for the assignment:
a. Engineers: Qualification and experience
b. Other Technical staff . Qualification and experience
c. Details of Masons, mates/ other staff if exists
Details of Plants, Construction Machinery, Equipment which will be used in the construction work.

I Mr . __________________________ CNIC No.______________________________ (Copy attached) owner of the construction company named Ms____________________________________ solemnly declare that I am the owner the company called ______________________________ and I have signed Technical Proposals and have also submitted financial bid through e-bidding for the work titled Construction of New Campus of Women University Mardan Package-1 and Package-2 .
Signed By Owner of the Company
Oath Commissioner Name:

Good Luck!

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