Tender of Face Recognition Bio-metric Devices” , “Tender of Laptops” & “Tender of Fire Fighting & First Aid in KP TEVTA - eglobejobs

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Monday, 17 September 2018

Tender of Face Recognition Bio-metric Devices” , “Tender of Laptops” & “Tender of Fire Fighting & First Aid in KP TEVTA

                                                      TENDER NOTICE KP TEVTA 

1. The items must have the minimum specifications and acceptable to the Technical experts.
2. The Financial bids from reputed firms/ Supplier/ Contractor under single stage one envelop procedure shall reach to the office of Managing Director through registered mail or Courier Services on or before first October 2018 at 12:00 Noon. Bids shall be opened on the same day by the procurement/purchase committee of KP-TEVTA and in the presence of supplier/authorized agents at 12:30 PM.
3. The firm/supplier must be registered with the Sales Tax and Income Tax Department & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority. Photo copy of valid registration shall be attached with the bid documents.
 4. Sales Tax and Income Tax and any other taxes/duties levied against the items shall be deducted at prescribed rate pas per Government Policy.
 5. 2 (Two) percent bid security of the total bid cost in shape of call deposit receipt in favour of Managing Director KP TEVTA must be sealed in financial proposal otherwise bid will be nonresponsive.
 6. The supplier will write on “Tender of Face Recognition Biometric Devices” , “Tender of Laptops” & “Tender of Fire Fighting & First Aid” on the upper right corner of the envelopes otherwise tender will not be entertained

. 7. Tender documents (BSD) shall be obtained from KP-TEVTA Head Office on any working day (Monday to Friday 08.30 AM to 04.30 PM) or can be downloaded from the KP-TEVTA, official website www.kptevta.gov.pk

 8. All the terms and conditions contained in KP-PPRA Rules shall be applicable on bidders.

9. The successful bidder will deposit 10% as earnest money/performance guarantee including 2% earnest money before the award of supply order, it will be released after successful supply, installation and commissioning of Equipment or completion of warranty period in case of items for which warranty periods demanded. If the supplier fails to supply within stipulated period, then 02% penalty will be charged.
10. The bids shall be computer typed and hand written bids will not be entertained.
11. The Equipment shall be supplied as per specification and purchase orders. In case of failure, the earnest money shall be forfeited in favour of KP-TEVTA and the purchase order will be issued to the second lowest bidder.
12. The Equipment shall be supplied within 01 Month after issuance of the supply order.
13. The supplier will submit the tender documents (BSD) along with the terms and conditions issued by the Director Procurement duly singed by the authorized personnel and company seal and Rs:2000/- in cash as tender document fee for each bid; otherwise the bid will not be accepted.
14. Each supplier shall apply for each item separately.
15. The bidder will be responsible for standard warranty given by the manufacture where applicable. 16. The Managing Director KPTEVTA, reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders at any stage in the light of KP-PPRA Rules and specification mentioned in BSD.
17. The supplier/Firm will be responsible for free service / repair/replacement of devices/spare parts free of cost during the Guarantee / Warrantee period.
18. Other details, terms and conditions are mentioned in bidding documents.
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